0.30-Carat Round Diamond

Stock No: 3391707

This V. Good-cut, E-color, and VS2-clarity diamond comes with a diamond grading report from GIA, 30 day inspection period, free FedEx Overnight insured shipping and lifetime upgrade policy.

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Diamond Information
Stock Number 3391707
Cut V. Good
Color E
Clarity VS2
Depth % 61.2
Table % 57
Symmetry Good
Polish Excellent
Girdle Thin to Medium
Culet None
Fluorescence Medium
Measurements 4.33 x 4.35 x 2.66


Ideal | Excellent |Very Good | Good | Fair

A diamond with a Very Good cut grade is designed to reflect nearly all of the light that enters it, resulting in maximum brilliance and fire. This is a high-quality cut, second only to Ideal, and makes for a truly spectacular diamond.


D | E | F | G | H | I | J

This color grade is applied to diamonds that appear perfectly white to the naked eye, but may contain trace amounts of color under high magnification. Diamonds at this end of the color spectrum are very rare and highly prized for their lack of color.


FL | IF | VVS1 | VVS2 | VS1 | VS2 | SI1 | S12

Diamonds in this clarity grade range (very slightly included) contain inclusions that most people cannot see with the naked eye, but would require magnification to find. These diamonds are priced lower than VVS graded diamonds, offering consumers a reasonable value for a high-quality diamond.

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